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Everywhere in the world, different ways are being adopted to serve the humanity in a better way. Either it is the shortage of drinking water and job vacancies, or lack of food and other everyday necessities of life. There are countless other problems citizens have been facing. It is the responsible people who have been serving the deserving ones according to their intellect and allowance.

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Sep 15, 2014: All Over Pakistan - Light for Life to Carry Out Relief Activities in Flood Hit Areas

City: All Over Pakistan

News: Light for Life to Carry Out Relief Activities in Flood Hit Areas

News Detail: Light for Life welfare organization was conceived with an idea to extend services for rescue and relief activities in events of natural or man-made calamities, participation in re-habilitation, related health care services within the broad framework of policy based on dynamic and futuristic approach to confront the challenges in the social development realm . Besides active work is already underway for the sustainable small and medium scale businesses development for the needy from the down trodden and oppressed strata of the society that can help them earn a decent livelihood.

On the event of earth quake in October 2004, the volunteering members carried out work day and night for campaigning and supporting the traumatised victims stranded in far flung areas.

After various tragic events likewise, massive collaborative and coordination work in relief and rescue efforts was carried out as part of the all-encompassing vision for the distressed souls and the socio-moral obligation towards the affected families and individuals some of whom to this day are spending their days like living examples of manifest struggle and passion even after being terminally paralyzed. The integration of these glorious families with the mainstream of the society is very necessary and concerted efforts are being under-taken for this purpose.

The recent floods especially in areas of Punjab and some of NWFP have wrecked havoc and stranded tens of thousands of fellow Pakistanis rendering a huge percentage of them homeless after torrential rains this monsoon. The loss of livestock and property besides loss of precious human lives makes the tragedy even gloomier. In this hour of need citizen of Pakistan has stood shoulder to shoulder with the nation and effective work is being carried out in different areas.

Being an ace institution of its kind whose humble beginning to a remarkably consolidated countrywide network of integrated services in the social development sector and a voice of the unheard that it has come to be known as , light for life welfare organization feels that it is our national obligation to stand up and be the support and strength of the fellow citizens of the beloved land who need us.

Light for Life welfare organization announces relief activities for flood victims. In the initial stages ,strategy is being worked out to extend financial support to the affectees for their rationing expenses and meeting their day to day needs . Top priority among these needs is being accorded to the re-habilitation in make shift place and repair/maintenance /re-construction of the damaged houses ,starting from few families.

The contact points to collect donations and goods for this purpose are being produced. Please spread the word far and wide!

Pakistan Flood Relief 2014

For Donation please contact:

Address: R 1130 Block 20 F.B.Area Karachi.
Phone: 021-36368969
Mobile: 0344-2205555
Email: info@lightforlifepk.org

Bank Details:

Account No: 0438145900030031
Branch: Faysal Bank F.B AREA

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