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Everywhere in the world, different ways are being adopted to serve the humanity in a better way. Either it is the shortage of drinking water and job vacancies, or lack of food and other everyday necessities of life. There are countless other problems citizens have been facing. It is the responsible people who have been serving the deserving ones according to their intellect and allowance.

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Feb 12, 2014: Karachi - Mr. Shahzad started photo coping business

Project Background:

Mr. Syed Shahzad Hussain Abidi previous working as Lift Technician and have 8 years experience. He is his jobless from the last 4 months. He is unmarried and supported large family consisting 3 brother and 5 sisters.

Micro Financing Option:

Mr. Syed Shahzad Hussain Abidi asked Light for Life that he wants to start of business of Photo copier Machine.

Project Financial Requirment: Total project cost is estimated about Rs.10,000/=.

Project Started: Project was started on 12th Feb 2014. Alhamdullah his business is going fine.

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