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Everywhere in the world, different ways are being adopted to serve the humanity in a better way. Either it is the shortage of drinking water and job vacancies, or lack of food and other everyday necessities of life. There are countless other problems citizens have been facing. It is the responsible people who have been serving the deserving ones according to their intellect and allowance.

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Dec 12, 2014: All Over Pakistan - Providing Syllabus Course to the needy Students

City: All Over Pakistan

News: Providing Syllabus Course to the needy Students

News Detail: As you already know that the "Light for Life Welfare Organization" is actively busy in the service of society with the pious objective of emancipating the weaker section and poor class of it economically. The matter of surprise is that it has made a great stride in a very short time despite its limited resources. This very organization acquired a number of economic projects and led them to success to the much astonishment of those organizations which are already working in the field of welfare since long.

The wonderful successes the organization has achieved in a very short span of time are owed to the sincerity, diligence and the philanthropist spirit of the volunteers and also of the persons who are at the helm of its affairs. This organization, with its economic projects, has turned the various persons into assets of society who were earlier the liabilities of the society. The planning of the organization has been so effective that made many unemployed people stand on their own feet by the Micro-Finance Scheme.

Now the organization has decided to broaden its realm of welfare services entering into the field of education. It is highly unfortunate that many youth, despite having abundant intellectual potentials, fail to receive proper education because of their weak economic position or lack of resources. Our organization is firmly determined to remove the hurdles; such youth faces in the way of acquiring education. The children and youth must not be deprived of education because of the lack of resources.

Our organization is preparing a comprehensive plan to effectively help the children and youth who remain at a loss to receive education for financial reasons. But our organization has decided at first stage to provide the books of syllabus courses to the needy and underprivileged students.

We rightly hope from you that you will extend your financial cooperation and assistance to us in this humanitarian and divine project for which you will be surely rewarded by Almighty Allah here and hereafter.

We appeal to the generous people who want to save the youth and children of our society from going off track without education to benevolently donate us with US dollar $ 30/- or Pak rupees 3000/- for each student prompting us to handover these amounts to the needy ones without loss of time. Approximately 1000 students will find benefit from it.

May Allah enhance our power to perform good deeds and bless us with the sincerity inevitable for attracting His consent and favor.

Praying for your wellbeing

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