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Everywhere in the world, different ways are being adopted to serve the humanity in a better way. Either it is the shortage of drinking water and job vacancies, or lack of food and other everyday necessities of life. There are countless other problems citizens have been facing. It is the responsible people who have been serving the deserving ones according to their intellect and allowance.

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Meat distribution

Distribution of Meat amongst affected families:

For the past several years, meat is being distributed to affected families 3-4 times within a month. There are several families in the rural areas or Pakistan along with countless homes within the cities that cannot afford the meat. Light for Life’s gesture of distributing of meat brings happiness to such families.

Donors may:

Donate sadqa/aqeeqa goat as well as kaffarah, nazr, mannat goat. Goat, goat’s meat, or any other sacrificial meat from other occasions may also be donated. If donors wish to donate the amount, we provide arrangements for that as well:

  • Sadqa Goat: 5500
  • Aqeeqa Goat: 7000
  • Nazr/Mannat/Kaffarah Goat: 7000


Light for Life Welfare Organization appeals to all to help as much as they can in order to fulfill our duties and get reward from Allah(swt).

Note: Meat Project is currently for Karachi only.

Latest News

Sep 5, 2013: Karachi - Five goats meat was given in Ghareebabad`s 25 deserving families.
Jul 5, 2013: Karachi - 6 goats meat was given to 30 affected families of Abbas Town tragedy.
May 16, 2013: Karachi - 4 goats meat was distributed amongst 20 families of Abbas Town.
May 13, 2013: Karachi - 30 Kg meat was received from Al-Mohsin Imambargah that was distributed amongst 15 families in Gulbahar.

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