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Everywhere in the world, different ways are being adopted to serve the humanity in a better way. Either it is the shortage of drinking water and job vacancies, or lack of food and other everyday necessities of life. There are countless other problems citizens have been facing. It is the responsible people who have been serving the deserving ones according to their intellect and allowance.

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Emergency relief

During emergencies and natural disasters, medical and food supplies are providedas emergency reliefthat also includes other necessities of life to the affected persons. Light for Life provided relief to the affected during Pakistan’s flood and heavy rain causing massive adversities.In times of emergencies/natural disasters, camps and information campaigns are formed in order to notify the donors. These camps also help in shifting the supplies to the affected families, focusing specifically on the families whosesole bread-earner is affected during such disasters.Families as such are also helped for few months to help them establish and get back to normal life again.

Medical supplies for the disabled:

Light for Life has several medical supplies for the disabled that can easily be availed. These supplies notably include medical beds, stretchers, wheelchairs, drip stands, etc, that are often provided to the affected persons. Donors may also helpin this regard. If any of the donors have medical supplies or instruments/devices related to medical, they may also donate those as well.


Light for Life Welfare Organization appeals to all to help as much as they can in order to fulfill our duties and get reward from Allah(swt).

Latest News

Jul 25, 2015: Thar - Emergency Relief Work Planned for the Inhabitants Interior Sindh Desert Lands
Oct 7, 2014: Sialkot - Light for Life distributed Relief Item near Sialkot
Oct 5, 2014: Jhang-Shorkot - Light for Life distributed Relief Item near Jhang and Shorkot
Sep 25, 2014: Muzaffargarh - Light for Life distributed Relief Item near Muzaffargarh
Sep 15, 2014: All Over Pakistan - Light for Life to Carry Out Relief Activities in Flood Hit Areas
May 6, 2013: Karachi - An injured family of Abbas Town tragedy received Rs. 17,900
May 2, 2013: Karachi - Abbas Town’s affected victim was provided with Rs. 10,000
Apr 22, 2013: Karachi - House hold items were provided to an affected woman of Abbas Town tragedy
Apr 20, 2013: Karachi - An injured was provided a house on rent
Apr 20, 2013: Karachi - Abbas Town tragedy families given total amount of 11,20,000/= rupees among 112 families
Apr 15, 2013: Karachi - Light for Life Emergency Relief provided to the victims of Abbas Town.
Apr 10, 2013: Karachi - 2 children were provided amount for their tuition fees, uniforms and books
Apr 10, 2013: Karachi - Light for Life provided wheelchairs to the 2 disabled female victims of Abbas Town
Apr 1, 2013: Karachi - Light for Life distributed emergency relief items to Abbas Town vistims

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